About Us

Corporate value

Vision: To be a respected logistics service corporation

Mission: Be devoted to exquisite service, pursue100% customer satisfaction

Service: Honesty, Professionalism, Promptness

Talents: Loyalty, Integrity, Concentration

Perspective: Conscientious, Fast, True to our word

Our responsibility as a corporation: Share our achievement with our employees, set new records with our customers, grow with the society.

  • We share our achievements with our employees

A Professional and efficient team as well as good team management are the foundations of Woo Young's future. Woo Young works hand in hand with our employees and is dedicated to provide a place where our staff can be put to good use and strive for common goals.

  • We set new records with our customers

Through our service we look for the best opportunity to create the most value and build a long term close partnership with our customers, by constantly self-improving and developing, to achieve the goal of win-win business.

  • We grow with the society

Woo Young can't grow and develop without care and support from our society. When trying our best to improve our supply chain services and lead the industry to grow constantly, we also are devoted to public service as a way to thank and contribute to our society and to grow with our society.

For a long time, every individual of Woo Young has been trying their best to contribute to our society, our Woo Young Foundation has been regularly fundraising for the left-behind children (children who live with relatives while their parents work in other cities), we are making our greatest effort to practice our responsibility of “growing with our society”