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The registration of WCA

The World Cargo Alliance(WCA) is currently the strongest cargo alliance in the world, it has close to 6000 companies as its members in more than 700 cities and ports throughout more than 190 countries. WCA provides more chances for its members to grow in business and increase their market, it also provides financial security for business between members. WCA hosts at least 3 global meetings for the elites in different countries to discuss business matters.

Woo Young joined WCA in Jan. 2016 and became the member.

Second Badminton fundraising competition

To build a greater sense of community within the company, Woo Young hosted their second badminton fundraising competition on May, 20th, 2017. Each department was actively involved, showing a united and unyielding spirit. This spirit continued into the office and everyday work environment. Our leaders have greatly supported this activity.

Sign up for the competition was done by email, participation in the competition was optional. There were three competition categories: Men's, Women's and mixed doubles. The competition began with eliminatory tournament matches, and each team faced the possibility of elimination in every match. The competition was very fierce, however everyone put their heart and soul into the match. Tensions ran high throughout the tournament. The competitors displayed a strong competitive spirit and also demonstrated team spirit. During the competition, we worked with DGYGZX. We will take the proceeds of the competition and donate it in the name of the winning team to help poor students finish their schooling.

In addition, as children's day draws near, Woo Young international logistics, working hand in hand with DGYGZX, will visit schools in distressed areas and conduct a children's day party that emphasizes compassion and care for the community. The volunteers will bring class supplies and recreational equipment donated by Woo Young. This activity will reach 171 “left-behind” (children who live with relatives while their parents work in other cities). These gifts are meant to bless and love these children.